Design your thesis cover Phase I – from scratch to sketch

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You can find the questions for the assignments here. So you don't need to write anything down :-)


Then, I promised to add some links to tutorials and websites that I think could help you to finalize your design. So, there we go:


This is an online community where you can learn almost any artistic skill you like. From digital drawing to handmade techniques.

Anna Mason

I learnt a lot about watercolor through her website. It's a membership payment.

Alphonso Dunn

He is an amazing drawer and teacher. You can find him on YouTube.

Laura Horn Art

I think she has amazing abstract designs in watercolor and  mixed media, which she teaches on her website. I've never tried one of her classes, but I'm eager to do one one day.

21 Day Writing Meditation

I'm doing a 21 day writing meditation class at the moment, which means that I meditate for 10 minutes every day and afterwards do a writing exercise. The exercises are a meditation in itself. It doesn't need to lead anywhere. It's really helping me to loosen up. It's so nice just to write something without it having a goal. Afterwards I feel very relaxed and ready to draw.