A thesis design with a story


Your defense is in sight and it’s time to think about your thesis design! There will be a real book, in which you put blood, sweat and tears and a lot of your spare time. I’d love to help you with the last piece: the design of your thesis. A PhD is usually a period with challenges, life events and a period of personal growth. Your thesis design therefore, is not only science but also a part of you as a person. I love it when your design reflects both: the science and you. This can be very subtle, only visible to you. By combining your story with your scientific subject we will get an original and personal thesis design, in which you will recognize yourself.

Illustrating for thesis design

Children’s book

Two years ago, I started on a personal project, my first book for children. You might think that’s something completely different from a thesis design, but I feel the two worlds are actually very much alike. Do you remember how you explored the world as a child? How you were amazed and curious. Sounds like traits of a scientist, doesn’t it? Often it’s about life themes, just as in thesis design. In science we try to understand the world a bit better. Just as you did when you were a child.


The book has been published by Lemniscaat. We have already arrived at the third print and it’s being translated into two foreign languages, (not English sorry!). The book is in Dutch, but if case you are curious anyway: you can buy it in the Dutch book store or online via for example bol.com. Separate Fine Art Prints of the book are available via my webshop.

Children's book illustration