Thesis design and illustration

Thesis design

Welcome to; your spot for thesis design and illustration. I make my designs with care, quality and an eye for detail. For a handmade look you are in the right place. All my designs are unique: you’ll get a completely personal design for your thesis cover. I love it when there’s a part of your subject in the design as well as “a part of you”. In this way you’ll have a design in which other people will recognize you. We’ll go for the “WOW effect”.


What is better? Drawing or writing? Together they’re strong. You’ll remember a text with a supporting image much better than text alone. Especially when you’re someone who has trouble reading. Because of my background as a doctor I know how difficult it can be to explain something to a patient. An illustration can help tremendously. In my illustrations one thing is most important: the message has to be clear and easy to understand. By illustrating I try to support health care in the best way I can.

PhD Workshop

Would you like to make your own thesis cover? But you don’t know how? Then subscribe to one of my workshops! We’ll mainly focus on getting a good idea: which is what you need for a good design. I’ll help you brainstorm and generate ideas. I’ll also explain the basis of a good composition. Be aware: it is not a computer course. You’ll use pencil and paper and you’ll get away from that screen for a whole afternoon.


  • We made a new PhD notebook! Together with Gildeprint and PhD Coach Arjenne Louter  I’m worked on another creative notebook for PhD’s. It contains writing tips, checklists and exercises to keep motivated. We hope our notebook will contribute to creativity and keep up the spirit for every PhD.  It’s a bit bigger this time, so you’ll have plenty of space. It’s the size of your future thesis (approximately A5) and costs €14,95 incl. VAT (excl. shipping cost). Would you like to have one? Please send me an email.
Creative notebook for PhD's