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About me starts as a doctor. I studied medicine, did a minor in journalism, worked as an intern at a medical magazine and then started my training to become a dermatologist. I already knew for a long time that I wanted to go in a different direction. The plan was to finish my education as a dermatologist and then put the diploma in a drawer. After all, I just had one more year to go. Someone said to me: “it’s just one year, but still one whole year of your life.” I quite one year before I got my diploma.


I knew that I wanted to do something creative, apart from that I had no idea. The future was a white canvas. I followed model drawing classes at the local art school and a course in graphic design. A couple of former colleagues and a good friend did a PhD and they asked me if I wanted to design their thesis cover. This is how it started. Now, I’m already a couple of years further and I’ve designed over 150 thesis covers.


What I enjoy is combining your personal story with your scientific subject. I love it that I need to switch on my brain all the time. I feel like a scientific journalist every now and then: I get to know a lot of what is going on in the scientific world. My brain has become a ‘creative fountain’. At first the ideas came with drops, now it’s a constant stream. I know exactly what I need to do to let it flow: walking, cycling and in the morning when I haven’t completely waked up yet the ideas come. Mostly I talk to you, I write down some key words on my hand and then go off for a walk. As soon as I can let things go, the idea pops into my mind.


Now, the ideas do not only appear on the basis of a thesis, but also by itself. At the moment I’m making my own picture book. At this moment that’s a project of which I don’t know where it’s going. What I do know is that my own values are reflected in the story, even though I didn’t set it up that way: discovery/adventure, helping each other, everyone has their own talent and everyone walks their own path. I have a small collection of picture books from other illustrators, which I love to look at. With just a few words picture books can reveal beautiful worlds and bring across strong messages. One day I hope to finish my own picture book. And if then I also inspire someone with it, I’d be incredibly happy.

Picture book illustration

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The photos on this website were taken by Veronica Morales. She takes pictures using natural daylight and helps creative freelancers like me to show their proces. She’s also a wonderful cook and shares delicious recipes on her website!