A professional thesis lay-out

Why would you let me design your thesis lay-out?

Of course, you could take all your articles, put them together and print your thesis. But well, you’re probably going to publish a book only once in your life. So why not do it well and make it into something stunning?

Thesis lay-out chapter page

Table of contents design thesis

Thesis lay-out table of contents

Abstract design thesis

Why is your thesis lay-out important?

A good lay-out: a good reading experience

Yes, even this has been investigated. The margins, the line length, the size of the letters, the distance between lines; they’re all part of the reading experience. If used in the right way the text will be more pleasant to look at and your readers will stay focused. I make sure your margins are big enough, so there is space to hold your thesis. I’ll take care of all the details that give your reader the most pleasant text to read. This differs per typeface and requires skill and experience.

An example: beautiful text blocks

Most PhD’s want to have their text running across the whole page from left to right. This can look very beautiful, because you get nice blocks of text. However, if you don’t know how to finetune your text blocks you’ll see there are holes in between some words. One way to avoid this is to use a ‘flood’ line at the end. But, even that might not be enough. You’ll for example have to adjust the distance between the letters. I make sure all these things are optimally fine-tuned. Your text blocks will look pleasant and balanced.

Your precious time

Save time

Have you spent enough weekends and evenings on your PhD? This is the chance to save time and let me do some work for you. Of course, I will consult you with every decision. You are in charge and I help you.

Yes, I want a beautiful lay-out!

Table of contents

Chapter page thesis



Chapter page design

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Chapter page thesis

thesis design


A thesis design that suits you

The character of your lay-out

Your thesis lay-out has, just as the cover, a certain character. Consider type. Obviously, Comic Sans is not suitable for your thesis, but have you ever thought about the character of other typefaces? What feeling do they give to the lay-out? Modern, elegant, bold, classic: with a different kind of typeface you immediately change the look and feel of your thesis. Together we will find a personality of the lay-out that suits you and your thesis subject.

It’s all about the details

Beautiful bookmarks, a story that runs throughout your thesis. It’s the details that make it fun and interesting. Would you like me to design the bookmark only? Or the title pages? It’s all possible. Please send me an email with your request.

The cherry on the cake

All these details that really finish off the design I call ‘the cherry on the cake’. Every time again, with new designs, new PhD’s (you!) and new subjects inspiration comes. See some more ideas if you click on this cherry on the cake link and let it inspire you too!

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Thesis design layout table of contents

Thesis design table of contents

Thesis design layout chapter design

Thesis design chapter page

thesis design abstract and bookmark

Thesis abstract & bookmark

thesis layout design

Thesis design affiliations


I would like you to design my cover as well as some extra things, such as the chapter pages and the backgrounds for my powerpoint presentation. The layout I’ll do myself. Is that possible?

Sure, that’s possible! What I can do is send you the illustration for the chapter pages so you can add it to your document. If the printer does the lay-out the same thing is possible. 

I would like something new for the chapter pages, like a different illustration per chapter, what will that cost me?

It all depends on what you want. If you tell me your budget for the illustrations we can see what’s possible within that budget.


How should I deliver my manuscript?

In short, all the text needs to be in one Word file and the figures in separate files (of good quality). We will tell you exactly how to deliver everything and when.