Design your thesis jacket!

Design your thesis cover – from scratch to sketch

Would you like to get away from the computer every now and then? Look at your thesis in a different way and do something with your hands? Cooperate instead of working alone? Then my course might be for you.


We are going to work on your thesis design. In ten lessons I guide you from nothing to an idea and a sketch for your cover that suits you and your subject. You’ll discover what your taste is and how you can put that into words, what inspires you and how you get to the best ideas.


I’ll teach you how to look at your subject in a different manner, think creatively from words to images. What is it really about, what’s the main message? How does your subject feel, does it have a color or a flavor? I’m giving you guidelines for composition and you are going to get to work yourself.


At the end of the course you’ll have a sketch for your cover that you can finalize yourself. Or, you can show it to a designer/illustrator to do that for you. You’ll have a new view on your thesis and you know how you get the best ideas. And if you see where it’s going (a real book!) it usually gives new energy for your PhD.


Please be aware that this is NOT a drawing- or computer course. Of course we are going to draw, but in the end it’s about getting an original idea and what works for you to get there. That’s where a beautiful design starts.

Practical details

Duration of the course: The course takes 10 weeks. The videos are available immediately after your payment. You’ll keep access to the course until a month after the end of the course, so you can go back to the videos and review them if you wish.


Time commitment: The total time of the videos is maximum 30 minutes each week. After that you are going to work on your assignment, which will take you around an hour, some weeks a little bit longer, some weeks a bit shorter.


Price: € 375 incl. VAT


Location: Online


For whom? PhDs who’d like to get a new view on their subject and work on an idea for their cover. It would be good if you are already a little bit on your way on the PhD road, so you know broadly what is going to end up in your book.


With whom? You can do the course by yourself, or together. In that way you can cooperate and inspire each other. Your ‘course mate(s)’ and you can be in different locations, working on different topics and in a different stage of their PhD. For the assignments you can come together in real life, but that’s not necessary. For every assignment you can cooperate online. 


Language: I’m a Dutch speaker, but the course is completely in English (with a Dutch accent and probably some English mistakes, I apologize in advance).  


Feedback: In the course I included two feedback moments, via email, one in week 8 and one in week 10 of the course. In that way have time to think about your question and your design and I can help you in the best way.


When? You can start whenever you like. After your payment you have immediate access to the lessons.


Access to the course: As soon as you have paid, you’ll get access right away to the course. Your subscription stays valid until one month after the course.

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