Design your own thesis cover!

Would you like to give just that extra touch to your thesis? Would you like to design something yourself? Or do you want to get some new energy by looking at your PhD in a creative way? I give workshops thesis design for small and bigger groups. Send me a message and I will come to help you.

Practical details

A complete workshop takes 3 hours. A complete workshop is possible for groups of 5-10 people. Shorter workshops are also possible for bigger groups. For a complete workshop the costs are €35 per person. For shorter workshops you pay an hourly fee and the cost for my travel.

What will you get?

A wonderful afternoon full of inspiration. I will explain designing things to you like use of colour, composition and fonts. More importantly, we’ll work on your idea. A good thesis design starts with a brilliant idea. The rest will follow. You’ll go home with new ideas, inspiration and your own personal concept for your thesis cover, which you can finalize at home or with my help for a reduced prize when you need computer drawings. Note: it is not an Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign course. Although of course I can give you tips as you like.

PhD’s about the workshop

‘So nice to spend an afternoon on my thesis in a different way. Away from the computer.’

‘I’m glad I started this in such an early stage. It would have been a pity if I had gone over the process of designing my thesis cover in a rush at the end. Now I took the time to enjoy thinking about the design.’